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Bordello Collective


Presented as part of MAW '23 this edition of Pier 52 centres on a site specific installation, including a three channel film. The work was activated with two unique live performances, with soundscape, spoken word and movement.  Shadow played a key aspect of this edition, with the witness encouraged to disrupt the projected films. 

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This ongoing body of work tracks the inhabitation, abandonment, reclaiming, re-inhabitation, destruction and reconstruction of Pier 52 on the Hudson River, NYC, through the lens of Gordon Matta-Clark’s monolithic work ‘Days End’. Site specific edition of Pier 52 presented in Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, Vermont. Pier 52 is in collaboration with the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark. 


Reading Allowed, 2023

Exploring the use of found and gifted text in constructing live improvised performance. Culmination of a year long associate artistship with Proteus Theatre, Basingstoke. 


Queer Fringe, 2022

Group exhibition showcasing a diverse range of Queer and outsider artists in Teesside, North East England.

Exhibited at Pineapple Black Gallery as a fringe event of Middlesbrough Art Weekender 2022.


All Together But Different, 2022

Exploring post pandemic connections through community conversations. Weaving verbatim soundscapes, spoken word and multimedia installation into a vessel for a live art happening.

Commissioned by The Harris Museum and Gallery, Preston.


Pride in our City, 2021

Reinterpretation of an LGBTQ+ exhibition into a multimedia live art happening.

In residency at Ferens Gallery, Hull. 

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Live art response to Matta-Clark's seminal work "Days End". Commissioned by Middlesbrough Art Weekender in association with the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark. 


A multimedia intervention responding to the concept of 'protopia' incorporating installation, live performance and a trail of digital artworks. 


Verto, 2021 

Unlocking the cycles of time. Post pandemic performance ritual staged along three rivers in the North East of England. Commissioned by Northern Stage.


We The Queers, 2019 & Ongoing 

Queer alt cabaret and gender blending performance platform. In person and digital editions. 

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Within and Beyond, 2019

Residency at Lakeland Arts. Exhibition of new audio works, gallery based immersive performance, 21st century Queer salon. 


The Pilgrims, 2017 

A transformational exploration of love, hope and rebirth. Weaving together spoken word, live music, movement and ritual into street inhabiting intimate immersive micro theatre. 

"We begin. We end. There is no greater truth."

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